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Dekko RF-450 Analog Signal Generator 100KHz to 150MHz and up to 450MHz

Dekko RF-450 Analog Signal Generator 100KHz to 150MHz and up to 450MHz


RF-450 is a RF Signal Generator with frequency range from 100kHz to 150MHz. 

At Range "F" (Press "F* on the front panel), when adjust the frequency knob to its highest,

450 MHz It can be obtained by third harmonic of 150MHz. 

External modulation frequency can be received from 50Hz to 20kHz ‘ While internal modulation frequency fixed at I kHz.

It could teaching, producing and maintaining. And also be used to measure 

The Sweep Linearity of Spectrum Analyzer. 

Feature :

1) Wide frequency range: 100kHz— 150MHz 

2) Low distortion of 1 kHz internal signal provide stable 

amplitude-modulated RF output signal. 

3) External input signal can be set between 50Hz-20kHz 


1) Frequency Range: 

A:  100kHz-300kHz 

B: 300kHz-1MHz 

C: 1MHz-3.2MHz 

D: 3MHz- 10MHZ 

E: 10MHz-35MHz 

F: 32MHz-150MHz (The third harmonic of 150MHz to 450MHz) 

2)Frequency accuracy: ± 3% 

3) RF output : more than or equal 100mVrms (when frequency less than or equal 35MHz) 

4) RF output level control: 1mV-100mV (measured at output point) 

5) Internal modulation output signal: > 2mVrms. 1kHz ±2% 

6) External modulation input signal: more tahn or equal 1Vrms. 50Hz-20KHz 

7) Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz/60Hz 

8) Dimension: 142(W) X 233(D) X 197(H)mm 

9) Weight: Approx. 3.5KG 

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Functions of front & rear panels 

1) Frequency adjustment knob 

2) Power on indicator 

3) Power switch. Push on. 

4) Level adjustment knob of Internal modulation signal 

5) Input/output selection of Internal & external modulation signal 

6) Frequency selecting sw itches(A-F) 

7) Internal/external modulation signal selection 

8) RF output signal level switch. 

9) RF output

10) Power Socket (AC line)

11) Fuse and rated value 

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