Wednesday, August 02, 2017

sTouch-w acccess controller

Stouch-W is an access control access kit consisting of Access Control Host, iBox, and sButton.
Packed with clad aluminum alloy case made it sturdy, durable, safe, and has the ability of waterproof (IP65).
STouch is capable of storing up to 2000 user data with login type using PIN. STouch supports 8 work modes and 5 additional functions for unlocking.
STouch is ideal when used in homes, offices, government buildings, and other public buildings.

- Input Voltage:
- Working Voltage: DC12 - 24V (Provided by iBox)
- Flow: 35 mA
- Proximate Card: EM & HID or IC & CPU card
- Reading Distance: 3 - 6 cm (EM & HID card), 2 - 6 cm (IC & CPU card)
- Frequency: 125 KHz (EM & HID) or 13.56 MHz (IC & CPU ISO14443A)
- Output Format: Wiegand 26 - 37-bit
- Dimensions: 125 x 83 x 21.7 mm
- Work mode: Reader, single door controller, two door controller, interlock, anti-passback, auto mode, etc.
- Additional Features: Alarm function, anti-duress alarm, self-locking, safe mode, multi-card swiping to open door.