Wednesday, August 09, 2017

MS5000Q-BT RFID Card Knob Lock

RFID Card Knob Lock MS5000Q-BT is a handle / door handle that has been integrated with RFID reader. Using MS5000Q-BT, you can easily unlock the door by bringing the RFID card to the reader available without the hassle of manually unlocking it. MS5000Q-BT is compatible with TK4100 or TM4001 RFID card formats and capable of encrypting up to 250 user data. MS5000Q-BT is powered by 6 VDC power supply that you can get from battery or external power supply. In addition to the sales package also has provided E-Key which serves as a backup button to open the door when the battery contained on the door handle has run out of power.

- Working Voltage: 6 VDC (4x AAA batteries)
- External Power Supply: 4.5 - 6 VDC
- Standby current: <20 font="">
- Current When In Operation: 90 mA
- Working Temperature: -20 ° C - 75 ° C
- Work Moisture: <85 font="">
- Storage Capacity: 1 master card and 250 user cards
- Card format: TK4100 or TM4001