Friday, August 18, 2017

CT-8022 Digital ORP Redox Meter

CT-8022 Digital ORP Redox Meter is a versatile ORP measurement device that can be used to measure the acidity (pH) and redox (oxidation reduction) of a liquid. This device will display the ORP and temperature values ​​in a stimultaneous way through the available LCD panels. It is stable, accurate and easy to use, making it ideal for applications in the fields of chemistry, medicine, electronics, food, animal husbandry, and industry.

- Working Voltage: 6 V
- Display: LCD
- Measuring range: ± 1200 mV
- Accuracy: 1 mV
- Resolution: 1 mV
- Working Temperature: 0 ° C ~ 50 ° C
- Correction: 2:00 auto correction (calibrated by the manufacturer, so it can be directly used by the user)
- Dimensions: 188 x 38 mm
- Equipped with auto-shutdown feature (10 minutes) to save power usage
- Equipped with a low battery reminder indicator
- Equipped with celenius converter to farenheit
- Equipped with portable box so easy to carry everywhere