Friday, August 19, 2011

MB1220 XL-MaxSonar-EZ2

Distance measuring sensor module an ultrasonic based object capable of measuring objects in a distance of 0-765 cm. MB1220-XL-EZ2 MaxSonar have a large transmit power, noise rejection, auto calibration and Long range detection medium zone (hardware gain of 1000).


Ultrasonic-based distance measuring sensor that works at a frequency of 42kHz.
Working on power supply 3.3 VDC - 5.5 VDC.
The results of reading data is automatically updated with the pause 100ms (10Hz).
Can be operated automatically in measuring the distance (free-run) or manually (triggered).
Able to detect objects within: 0-765 cm and is able to measure the distance of objects in range: 20-765 cm
Resolution: 1 cm
Have an interface: pulse width, analog voltage and serial UART TTL (not RS-232).
Using 1 piece transducer is used as a transmitter and receiver.
Low power consumption, making it suitable for battery-based applications.
Can be connected with a variety of microcontrollers.
Dimensions: 19.9 mm x 22.1 mm x 25.11 mm