Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TSL1401-db (Daughterboard) Linescan Imaging Sensor

The TSL1401-DB is a daughterboard that provides a TAOS TSL1401R 128-pixel linear array sensor and a lens. It is designed to plug into a motherboard (e.g. MoBoStamp-pe (p/n 28300), MoBoProp (p/n 28303, in development), Propeller Backpack (p/n 28327)) or the DB-Expander (p/n 28325). This module will allow its host system to “see” in one dimension. Two- dimensional vision can also be achieved by moving either the subject or the sensor in a direction perpendicular to the sensor axis.


• Provides vision in one dimension with 128-pixel resolution.
• Three-line serial interface with analog intensity output for each pixel.
• Included 7.9mm lens provides a field of view equal to subject distance.
• Plug-compatible with Parallax motherboards.
• Coprocessor driver firmware for the MoBoStamp-pe available for download.
• Can be interfaced directly to a BASIC Stamp for some functions.
• Onboard accessory socket for strobe output or 50/60Hz fluorescent light sync input.
• Runs from 3.3V or 5V supplies. (5V is needed for the optional LED strobe attachment.)


• Measure height, width, diameter, thickness.
• Locate objects, lines, edges, gaps, holes.
• Count items; measure conveyor coverage.
• Determine volume, shape, orientation.
• Read simple barcodes.
• Learn the principles of machine vision.