Friday, June 22, 2018

IoT Trainer Kit V1.0

It is a basic learning kit for learning microcontroller and Internet of Things programming languages. This kit consists of a complete and interesting hardware kit and tutorial module.
Not just a practical guide to IoT, but also given the IoT concept as a basis for understanding this subject and interesting case studies at the end of the lesson.

In Sales Package Consists of:
- Board WeMos D1 Mini (ESP8266)
- Board Arduino Nano
- Bluetooth module
- LDR sensor
- Push Button
- Regulator 5 VDC
- Micro USB cable
- Header Lines

Learning Package:
1. The basic concept of IoT
2. Basic WeMos D1 mini programming
3. Basic Arduino Nano programming
4.Control the LED light
5. Bluetooth Interfacing
6. Interfacing LDR sensors
7. Serial communication with IoT Apps
8. Deliver sensor data to Thingspeak
9. Monitoring temperature and humidity at Thingspeak
10. Full LED with Android app
11. Bot telegram notification
12. Create a CUSTOM dashboard with PHP and MySQL based (CI)
13. Buzzer control
14. Tactile button reading
15. Delivery of data to thingsboard
16. GUI design dashboard on Thingsboard
17. Data analytic / rule Thingsboard
18. Full device with Thingsboard
19. Case study