Monday, December 19, 2016

SLA7026M motor driver chip

SLA7026M a unipolar stepper motor driver 2-phase Power MOSFET technology adopted. SLA7026M is accessible via the parallel interface and capable of flowing a current of 3 amperes at each output. SLA7026M is typically used to drive a / controlling stepper motors found on copiers, printers, manufacturing equipment, and so forth.

- Compatibility: unipolar stepper motor
- Configuration: Half Bridge
- Interface: Parallel
- Technology: Power MOSFET
- Resolution Step: 1, 1/2
- Resistance: 180 Mohm
- Input Method: Phase-in
- Applications: copiers, printers, manufacturing equipment, etc.
- Output Current: 3 A
- Supply Voltage: 10-44 V
- Packaging: SSIP-18
- Features: UVLO & STP