Thursday, July 05, 2012

ISO-U1-P3-O1 isolated voltage to current converter

Isolated amplifier to convert the analog signal voltage into the current form. IC is commonly used in analog data acquisition applications, the transmission of signals over long distances, etc..

- Signal input 0V - 5V (DC).
- Input impedance> = 1M ohm.
- Signal output 4mA - 20mA (DC).
- Work with the power supply voltage of 5V DC.
- Ability isolation between power, input, and output max. 3000V (RMS).
--- Overall nonlinearity of less than 2%.
- Supports high-frequency signals.
- Anti-jamming EMC.
- Packaging SIP 12 pin, UL94V-0 anti fire.
- Dimensions: 3.2 cm  x 1.4 cm  x 0.8 cm

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