Sunday, July 15, 2012

CM02/400 - Radio Communications Module

The CM02 module, together with its companion RF04 module, form a complete interface between your PC and our range of I2C modules. You can send commands down to your robot and receive telemetry data back up to the PC. Now you have all the modules necessary to control your robot from your PC. The CM02 is powered from your robots battery, which can be anything from 6v to 12v. The CM02 can monitor battery voltage and report this back to the PC (so your robot knows when its hungry!). There are four I2C connectors on the CM02, but your not limited to four I2C devices. In practice, you may only need one connector and route the I2C bus around all the modules you wish. Bit rate on the I2C bus is approximately 100KHz.

- Catudaya 6VDC - 12VDC
- Based ER400TRS and PIC16F88
- The working frequency: 433MHz
- Transmit Power 10mW
- Data transfer: 19.2 Kbps
- Range: 250m (LOS)
- Can send and retrieve data from another device through the international antamuka IC2, such as: SRF08
- Interface: I2C