Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HiTec HSR-8498HB Robot Servo

This digital servo motor is the the foundation component of the Robonova robot, though it is well suited for a wide range of robotics applications.
The servo motor comes with a selection of accessories that allow the motor to be custom configured for your application. Out of the box, the motor is configured with an idler shaft. The horn spline is 24 segments at 5.76° pitch. The internal drive train consists of Karbonite gears with dual ball bearings. Angular rotation is 180°. The servo weighs 54.7 gm (1.929 oz).

VoltageOutput SpeedOutput TorqueDimensions
6.0 V0.20 sec/60°0.726 Nm40 x 20 x37 mm (1.57 x .79 x 1.46 in)
7.4 V0.18 sec/60°0.883 Nm40 x 20 x 37 mm (1.57 x .79 x 1.46 in)