Friday, June 11, 2010

Low Cost Photoreflector Sensor

Low Cost Photoreflector Sensor is a sensor module that works based photoreflector reflection infrared to detect the level of dark / light colored objects. This module can be used as additional sensors for the standard package applications such as line tracking robots, sumo robots, detection of paper out, etc..

Dimensions: 3.3 cm (p) x 2 cm (l) x 1.1 cm (t)


* Requires +5 V DC power supply.
* Consists of an infrared transmitter and receiver NPN phototransistor.
* Added an infrared transmitter is active high and is equipped with a switching transistor.
* Phototransistor output voltage varies in accordance with the level of dark / light color of the object being detected.
* Distance from the optimal sensor detected an object which is 2mm - 5mm.
* Fully compatible with the DT-SENSE Photoreflector and various microcontroller system / microprocessor.