Tuesday, April 19, 2022

MyAGV Lidar High Precision Camera Car Kit with Mecanum Wheels

MyAGV is a car-shaped robot equipped with a camera with a high level of precision and also equipped with Lidar so that it can be used for location mapping purposes. In addition, this robot also uses mechanical wheels so that it has high navigational mobility in all directions up to 360 degrees.

Besides being able to be used for mapping, MyAGV can be combined with the ARM myCobot Pi robot to produce more complex functional robots, for example, such as moving goods from one point to another by utilizing the camera and Lidar. 

MyAGV supports Robot Operating System (ROS) simulation and can be programmed in Python and C++ programming languages. In addition, this robot also supports the Raspberry Pi and Arduino platforms.

Feature :

    • Omnidirectional Wheel AGV
    • Equipped with Lidar for Navigation and Mapping Needs
    • Built-in High Precision Camera
    • Can be Combined with ARM robot myCobot Pi


    • Model : myAGV
    • Charging Voltage : 24V 1A
    • Controller: Raspberry Pi 4B
    • Built-in Camera : 5M Pixels
    • Motor : Hall Encoder Motor
    • Motor RPM : 220 rpm/min
    • Moving Speed : 0.9 m/s
    • Wheel Model : Mekanum
    • Lidar: 360 degree omnidirectional
    • Range : 8m
    • Robot Dimension : 300x205x145 mm