Monday, June 22, 2020

Walk Through Contactless Body Thermometer System

Contactless human body temperature measurement without operators. Suitable for use in offices, schools, malls or Public Services visited by many people.The device can be installed at the entrance before entering the building / room.

Installation is easy The price cheapest of the others with good quality.


Specifications & Features:
- Temperature Measurement Without Touch (Just simply by directing the forehead towards the sensor)
- Temperature measurement range -40 deg C - +125 deg C
- High accuracy 0.5 deg C in the range 0 - 50 der C
- Resolution: 0.1 deg C
- Temperature alarm can be set
- Buzzer alarm
- 1 relay output available
- 2.3 inch Seven Segment Display
- one time setting via USB Port using PC / Notebook
- Acrylic case

Note box (*):
- PC / Notebook is not included in the sales package.
- The size of the acrylic box will suit your needs, the image is just for illustration.
- Warranty does not include adapters, wrong usage due to human error or voltage.
- The warranty does not apply if physical damage and modifications to the product are found.