Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Conveyor Belt Kit for Dobot Magician

A kit simulation of conveyor production in an industrial environment, which is designed for kit arm robot Dobot Magician, Kit conveyor comes with a speed that can be set, proximity sensors, color sensors, as well as the block of wood (for simulating the object produced), so it is ideal when combined with Dobot Magician to simulate how the production process using a robot arm in the actual industry.

This kit consists of:
1. Conveyor Belt: mini conveyors for production automation systems with Dobot Magician 
2. Photoelectric Switch: Sensor to detect the presence of objects 
3. Color Sensor: Sensor to detect red, green, and blue on the object 
4. Wood Block: blocks of wood to simulate the production process with Dobot Magician

Note: Magician Dobot NOT INCLUDED in the sales package