Thursday, October 05, 2017

108.9 x 56.9 x 1mm PCB for use with CS115 Case

Is a PCB prototyping dimension 108.9 x 56.9 x 1 mm consisting of two layers of copper. Board PCB is made of glass epoxy material (FR-4). This board offers hundreds of PCB holes 1 mm diameter with a distance of 2.54 mm between holes that you can make the media to design your project prototype electronics. In addition, on this board also has provided two holes to put the battery socket. This makes the board is very suitable if enabled as a portable electronic device design medium.

- Dimensions: 108.9 x 56.9 x 1 mm
- Material PCB: Glass Epoxy (FR-4)
- Number of Holes: 578 holes
- Diameter of Hole: 1 mm
- Distance between holes: 2.54 mm
- Layer: 2 sides