Thursday, March 26, 2015

EMS Logger Pi Shield

 Raspberry Pi add-on  Module for recording purposes (data logger). Equipped with 2-channel ADC, 2 channel DAC with a resolution of 12 bits, and Real Time Clock so that the module can be connected to the sensor easily. The application of this module include: recording sensor data as temperature, air pressure, gas sensors, and others.

- It has two 12-bit ADC channels based MCP3202 IC with 5 volt reference voltage.
- It has two 12-bit DAC channel based IC MCP4922 with 5 volt reference voltage.
- Have a DS1307 RTC IC-based, with 56 bytes of NV SRAM and battery backup 3Volt.
- Equipped with a hex buffers / drivers SN74LVC07-based, so the module can be connected directly to the I / O in the header Raspberry Pi®.
- Using the I2C interface for RTC and SPI interface to the ADC-DAC.
- ADC Input Range: 0-5 Volts.
- DAC output Range: 0-5 Volts.
- Using the power source of Raspberry Pi®.
- Compatible with Raspberry Pi® type A, type B, and type B +.