Thursday, March 12, 2015

iButton MICRO CAN DS1990A-F5

IButton data storage module that is capable of performing 64-bit encryption of the data to be stored.

- Power supply: 2.8 ?? 6.0 V.
- 1-wire interface.
- 64-bit registration number (lasered / ROM).
- Read time: <5 ms.="" p="">- Package: MicoCAN F5 iButton.
- Application: Can be used for storage of ID as access control, guard tour or data logger application.
- Requires device as a media reader to read or write the data (DS9092)

What Is an iButton Device?

The iButton® device is a computer chip enclosed in a 16mm thick stainless steel can. Because of this unique and durable container, up-to-date information can travel with a person or object anywhere they go. The steel iButton device can be mounted virtually anywhere because it is rugged enough to withstand harsh environments, indoors or outdoors. It is small and portable enough to attach to a key fob, ring, watch, or other personal items, and be used daily for applications such as access control to buildings and computers, asset management, and various data logging tasks.

What Can I Do with the iButton Device?

The iButton device is ideal for any application where information needs to travel with a person or object. Affixed to a key fob, watch, or ring, an iButton device can grant its owner access to a building, a PC, a piece of equipment, or a vehicle. Attached to a work tote, it can measure processes to improve efficiency, such as manufacturing, delivery, and maintenance. Some iButton devices can be used to store electronic cash for small transactions, such as transit systems, parking meters, and vending machines. The iButton device can also be used as an electronic asset tag to store information needed to keep track of valuable capital equipment.