Monday, December 22, 2014

XMC4500 Enterprise Kit

Infineon XMC4500 Basic Kit and XMC4500 Enterprise Kit are Hexagon Application Kits designed to evaluate the XMC4500 Cortex-M4 microcontrollers (MCUs). These Infineon kits come with an XMC4500 General Purpose CPU board that houses the XMC4500 MCU and three satellite connectors for application expansion. The Enterprise Kit includes a J-Link Lite CortexM Debugger. The board - along with Infineon's Ethernet/CAN/RS485, Standard Human Machine Interface, and Automation I/O Hexagon Cards - demonstrates the capabilities of the XMC4500 Cortex-M4 device. The Ethernet/CAN/RS486 Interface card demonstrates the communications capabilities of the XMC4500. The Human Machine Interface card demonstrates the HMI capabilities of the XMC4500 and features a passive matrix OLED display. The Automation I/O card demonstrates the ISOFACE capabilities along with the XMC4500. 

- Manufacturer Infineon
- Tool Type Development Kit
- Processor To Be Evaluated XMC4500 Core ARM
- Interface Type CAN, Ethernet, I2C, RS485, USB
- Operating Supply Voltage 3.3 V, 5 V
- Power consumption (3.3 Volt, 5 Volt, 5 Volt USB)
- USB Connector (Micro-AB USB)
- Cortex Debug + ETM Connector (20-pin)
- Cortex Debug Connector (10-pin)
- Drive Monitor 2 Connector (10-pin + 6-pin)
- Satellite HMI Connector (80-pin edge card)
- COM Satellite Connector (80-pin edge card)
- Satellite ACT Connector (80-pin edge card)
- Scale Power Connector (for power measurement)
- Serial Flash Memory, 32 mbit, single / double / quad SPI
- LED for general purpose use (connected to P3.9)
- Potentiometer for ADC (connected to P14.1)
- 12 MHz crystal and 32,768 kHz crystal
- 2-pin DIP switch (Hardware boot mode selection)