Monday, December 22, 2014

RD-800HI Power Wireless Hopping Controller.

RD-800HI is wireless controller module with 8 outputs. This module is quite effective to reduce interference (noise) from the outside and has a considerable range (1km). This module also supports for equipment controller with RS-232 interface using RS232 Wireless.

- Power supply: 24-28 VAC / 20-28 VDC
- Working frequency: 902-928 MHz
- Antenna: 1/4? wire antenna
- Speed: 12.8 Kbps
- Number of Chanel: 5
- Input I / O: VIL? 10V, 12V? VIH? 28V
- Output I / O: AC 125V 5A, 3A 250V AC, DC 30V 3A