Thursday, January 17, 2013

DT-SENSE Photoreflector V2

DT-SENSE Photoreflector V2 is a smart sensor modules that can be used to detect object / line color (light colored lines with a dark background or vice versa). The module is capable of learning to differentiate paths and backgrounds and able to adapt to changes in ambient light. Sensor module is equipped with a TTL UART and I2C interface. Examples of applications DT-SENSE Photoreflector V2 among other line tracking / following, robot navigation, obstacle detection, or other applications that use pronsip light reflections.

To be noted:
DT-SENSE Photoreflector V2 uses a different sensor from version 1. The part that changed was the DT-SENSE Firmware and Hardware Photoreflector Photoreflector Sensor DT-SENSE.
This makes version 2 are not compatible with version 1, and vice versa. DT-SENSE photoreflector version 1 can not be used with DT-SENSE Photoreflector Sensor version 2. DT-SENSE Photoreflector version 2 can not be used with DT-SENSE Photoreflector Sensor version 1.

  • Based microcontroller designed specifically to be able to process data from the 8 photoreflector infrared sensor module.
  • Can receive input from the 8 photoreflector infrared sensor module.
  • Path I / O voltage levels are compatible with TTL and CMOS.
  • Equipped with the interface:
  • UART TTL (baud rate of 38,400 bps)
  • I ² C (bit rate up to 100 kHz)
  • 8 pieces Photoreflector DT-SENSE can work on one communication path I ² C.
  • Optimal distance to the object sensor / track about 4-6 mm.
  • Available 500K Ohm Potentiometer for setting the sensor output on DT-SENSE Photoreflector Sensor V2.
  • The maximum sampling rate of 250 Hz sensor.
  • Power supply source using a voltage 9-12 VDC through voltage regulator or 4.8 to 5.4 VDC without a regulator.
  • There are examples of applications and calibration readings DT-SENSE Photoreflector V2 with I ² C interface-based DT-AVR Low Cost Micro System using C language (CodeVisionAVR ©).
  • Photoreflector module: 8.5 cm  x 6.9 cm  x 1.6 cm 
  • sensor module v2 (include white connector): 5.2 cm  x 1.2 cm  x 1.6 cm 

  • 1 piece DT-SENSE Photoreflector V2.
  • 1 set of DT-SENSE Photoreflector Sensor V2 (4 pcs Sensors and connecting cable).
  • 1 piece DVD that contains a collection of manuals, schematics, testing procedures, support programs