Wednesday, January 16, 2013

GPS Starter Kit V2

GPS Starter Kit V2 is a means of developing OEM GPS Receiver module based LR9540 (LR9548), equipped with LCD 16 characters x 2 lines as a medium of display. This module is suitable for developing applications related to GPS, such as: GPS navigator, GPS tracking, and so on. 

Currently GPS Starter Kit has experienced renewal in the use of the GPS module. In the previous version of GPS Starter Kit using EG-T10 GPS module, GPS Starter Kit now comes back with using the GPS module LR9540 (LR9548) 

   EG-T10LR9540 (9548)
Reacquisition0,1 sec (avg)0,1 sec (avg)
Hot start4 sec (avg)1 sec (avg)
Warm start38 sec (avg)35 sec (avg)
Cold start45 sec (avg)42 sec (avg)

  • Based LR9540 (LR9548), module 20-channel OEM GPS Receiver with UART interface / TTL and has a SiRF binary output protocol and NMEA-0183. 
  • OEM GPS Receiver module supports other work on voltage of 5 VDC and has a corresponding pinout. 
  • Supports active antenna voltage 5V and 3.3 V for the voltage regulator is equipped with a 3.3 VDC. 
  • Available manual reset button and a socket for a 3 V battery backup sized 'CR2032'. 
  • Equipped with LCD 16 characters x 2 lines with a series of 4-bit LCD and LCD contrast level regulator. 
  • Can be connected to a computer's USB port using the PC-Link USBer. 
  • Requires a 5 VDC power supply input. 
  • Compatible with the DT-51 ™ Low Cost Series or DT-AVR Low Cost Series, as well as supporting the system microcontroller / microprocessor other. 
  • Dimensions: 11.65 cm x 10.45 cm x 2.8 cm 
  • 1 piece GPS Starter Kit Board. 
  • 1 sheet of Quick Start. 
  • 1 piece CD contains sample applications, datasheet LR9540 (LR9548), etc..