Friday, November 23, 2012

SHR-8S Special Training Humanoid Robot

SHR-8S Special Training Humanoid Robot is a 17 degress of freedom robot which is designed espicially for the beginner.  It has a firm structure and its software is easy to use with its diagrammatic motion edit user interface.
The Robot can demostrate standard and non-standard Irvine Kinneas Walk.The Robot can demostrate plenty of hominine movement as push-up, forward roll, backward roll and headstand. SHR-8S Special Training Hominine Robot is best for primary scholar and middle school student.
Expert users can add severial additional sensors to the robot, such as luminous intensity sensor, temperature sensor, sound transducer, IR sensor, etc. The robot can worked with a machine vision systom to fit the Robo Cup's subhuman group's demands.
  • DOF:17
  • Size: 361×165×115mm
  •  Weight: 1.7kg.
  • Output torque: 14kg•cm(with standard 7.4v battery).
  • Charge time: 35minute.
  • Size of foot: 110×70×8mm (increasing hollow structure, easier for high speed walk).
  • Static equilibrium walking speed: 4.5meters/min
  • Balancing walking speed: 10meters/min
  • Programing interface: RS232
  • Wireless control via IR remote control, 315MHZ wireless remote control
  • Servo Weight:56g
  • Servo Size: 40×20×46mm, 
  • Servo torque: