Friday, November 23, 2012

Mecanum Rover 2.0 Robot (Basic Kit) - Arduino Compatible

Mecanum Rover 2.0 Robot (Basic Kit) - Arduino Compatible  is a versatile mobile robot based on the popular Arduino Uno microcontroller. The Rover uses two Tamiya twin motor gearboxes, each with their own pair of encoders, as well as a dual motor controller shield** to control the four Mecanum wheels independently. The DFRobotShop Rover PCB incorporates a standard Arduino Uno (surface mount ATMega328), L293B motor driver (connected to pins 5 to 8), voltage regulator and prototyping area and also doubles as part of the mechanical structural of the robot. The onboard voltage regulator allows the entire board to be powered using as little as 3.7V to ~9V*. 

Programmable Mecanum driven robot kit
• Complete Arduino board built-in (ATMega328p)
• Two dual H-bridges for independent control of four motors
• Onboard voltage regulator (only one battery needed) 
• Compatible with a variety of shields 
• Soldering is required

** The Mecanum Rover 2.0 Robot (Basic Kit) - Arduino Compatible  PCB incorporates a dual motor controller, and the shield adds a dual controller which uses different pins, allowing you to control four DC motors independently.