Tuesday, February 07, 2012

GFC-8270H 2.7GHz Frequency Counter

The GFC-8000 Series performs virtually all of the counting measurements required in laboratories, in terms of both period and frequency. A bright red 8 digit LED display with an included overflow indicator provides a clear view. Both models feature a stable time base with a maximum resolution of 100nHz and 10nS at 1Hz for frequency and period measurement, respectively. Gate time can be configured for fast response (5 digits/10ms) or accuracy (7 digits/s) for more control. For high frequency needs, the GFC-8270H can operate at up to 2.7GHz. The GFC-8000 Series features easy operation with a simple front panel interface, suitable for both portable and bench-top use.

※ Frequency and Period Measurement
※ High Resolution at Both High and Low Frequency
※ 0.01Hz~2.7GHz Frequency Range(GFC-8270H)
※ 0.01Hz~1.3GHz Frequency Range(GFC-8131H)
※ 10mV rms High Sensitivity
※ 100nHz Resolution for 1Hz Input
※ Variable Trigger Level Control
※ Microprocessor Controlled Intelligent Counter(only GFC-8270H)

Tech Specs:

8 digits with Hz, kHz, MHz, GHz, s, ms, μs, and overflow
Variable from 10ms to 10s, or 1 period of input depending on whichever is greater
±(resolution ± timebase error)
RangeDC coupling: 0.01Hz ~ 120MHz
AC coupling: 30Hz ~ 120MHz
Sensitivity10mV typical, 50mV maximum
CouplingAC or DC, selectable
FilterLow pass, selectable in or out for channel A
(-3dB point, nominal 100kHz)
Impedance1MΩ // 40pF
Attenuator1/1 or 1/20dB
Trigger Level-2.5VDC ~ +2.5VDC
Adjustment ResolutionFor frequency measurement, the maximum resolution is 100nHz for 1Hz and 0.1Hz for 100MHz inputs respectively.
For period measurement, the maximum resolution is 10ns for 1Hz input, and 0.1x10-15s for 100MHz inputs respectively.
Display Accuracy7 digits for 1 sec gate time
6 digits for 100ms gate time
5 digits for 10ms gate time
Period Range8ns ~ 100ns (at least 7 digits displayed per gate time)
Range50MHz ~ 2.7GHz for GFC-8270H
50MHz ~ 1.3GHz for GFC-8131H
Sensitivity<50mVrms (10mVrms typical) for GFC-8270H
<40mVrms (10mVrms typical) for GFC-8131H
CouplingAC only
Aging Rate1ppm per month
Temperature5ppm, 23°C + 5°C
Line Variation0.005ppm for + 10% variation
AC 100V/120V/220V/230V ±10%, 50/60Hz
230(W) × 95(H) × 280(D) mm
Approx. 2.2kg