Thursday, March 04, 2010

Hyper Line Tracer Robot Kit

HYPER LINE TRACER is a robot that follows a black line drawn on white paper. The eyes of the Hyper Line Tracer is a photo interrupter which projects and receives infrared rays, white reflect them. Hyper Line Tracer distinguishes black and white by projecting infrared rays from a photo interrupter.

The robot comes with a 48 page manual that guides you through the mechanical construction stages of the unit. It also includes a full explanation about each electrical component used and the electronic circuit, explaining how it works and why certain components were used. You will also learn about torque, ratios, gears and forces.

Great for children over 10 years old with adult supervision.

No soldering is required but a selection of small hand tools is required for assembly .

# Height: Approx.97mm
# Length: Approx.157mm
# Width: Approx.143mm
# 48 page manual