Thursday, June 04, 2009

The abit Funfab P80-W1 digital photoframe with built in printer

The abit FunFab P80-W1 offers a fully digital 8 inch TFT LCD monitor for best photo display quality and the most vivid appearance of your digital images from every angle. Many different kinds of slideshow animations add more fun to your photos (with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixel).

The abit FunFab offers a 128 MB build-in memory and supports SD and MS memory cards. Furthermore, you can upload and download digital photos from and to a USB stick. Via USB cable you can connect the abit FunFab directly to your personal computer, digital camera and even your mobile phone. The abit FunFab is your truly personal photo studio, and lets you print and share photos instantly and easily.

The abit FunFab P80-W1 provides you the most convenient and comprehensive photo enjoyment ever. Leave all the complicated works to the FunFab, all you need to do is “SHOW your life! SHARE the fun! PRINT your memories!