Thursday, May 07, 2009


dsPIC30F microcontroller Starter kit
This is the next generation of PIC microcontroller experiment kit. An Upgrade to a 16-bit, “dsPIC” is a part of the Digital Signal Controller from MICROCHIP.

Skit-dsPIC30F [dsPIC30F microcontroller Starter kit] features:
• Supports the dsPIC 28/40-pin DIP and can experiment both in same time.
• Support multi-contoller operation • Selection of RUN/PROG mode by switch
• Clock rate of 7.3728MHzfor 28-pin and 4MHz for 40-pin dsPIC
• Debug and program via ICD jack with ICDX-30 or ICD2

Includes : ICDX-30 In-circuit Debugger/Programmer (operation same ICD2) with ICD2 cable, NX-dsPIC30F Experiment board, CX-232 Serial port cable, LCD module 16x2, Hook-up wire box, 2 of 12Vdc 500mA adaptor, Software CD and Documentation.