Wednesday, December 04, 2019

3D Printer Enclosure

A casing / enclosure for printers 3D engine with a maximum engine dimensions of 45x45x70 cm. Case is made of clear acrylic 5 mm on each side to create a 3D printer machine can remain visible even from outside the enclosure, and combined with a sturdy frame made of aluminum profile enclosure 2020. At the base is used by 2 cm thick hardboard that is strong enough to carry the weight of a 3D printer. This enclosure also has been equipped with two fans which serves to remove the excess heat in the case when the printing process objects. Suitable for use as casings 3D printers for a variety of users, ranging from educational institutions, hobbiyist, prototype products, and so forth.

- Enclosure Dimensions: 59 x 59 x 85 cm
- Dimension 3D Printer Machine Maximum: 45 x 45 x 70 mm
- Material: Acrylic clear 5 mm (side), aluminum profile 2020 (order), hardboard 2 cm (pedestal)