Wednesday, August 03, 2016

GP-20U7 56 Channel GPS receiver

GP-20U7 is a compact sized GPS receiver complete with antenna. The GPS receiver is made using high-performance GPS chipset. GP-20U7 can provide position, velocity and time are accurate and sensitive (-162dBm). Ideal for application on your computer that is portable as smartphones and other devices which require low power consumption capabilities (40mA@3.3V (max)). The GPS receiver has 56 channels reception which supports standard NMEA-0183 protocol and uBlox 7.

- 56-Channel Receiver (22 Channel All-in-View)
- Sensitfitas: -162dBm
- Accuracy position: 2.5m
- Cold Start: 29detik (open sky)
- 40mA @ 3.3V
- 3-pin JST Terminated Cable