Monday, March 04, 2013

2.45GHz Omni-directional RFID Reader MR3001A

2.45GHz Omni-directional RFID Reader MR3001A
MR3001A is 2.45GHz Active Omni RFID Reader/ Long Range RFID Reader. It has strong quick& multi-tag identification ability (read more than 100 tags simultaneously). The maximum read range can be above 80 meters (omni-directional read range). Its read range is a round area (radius≥ 80m). This RFID reader can be widely used for personnel tracking, asset management, vehicle identification and so on.

MR3001A active RFID reader is the upgrade edition of the first generation active reader MR3000A, this reader MR3001A can connect with the external antenna, suits for “non-directional identify” open door environment, it also suits for the “directional identify” application when the reader connects with the directional antenna. MR3001A applying in far distance, quick identification, meeting the special demand of identification, can identify, track and orientate more than 100 active tags simultaneity.

1 One way management: open door control management system, including about intelligent resident district, mansion parking-lot charge, freeway ETC, safety-inspection from port or custom.
2 Personnel management: quick attendance administration, conference signature system, student safety note system, security patrol system.
3 Cargo management: storage and data collection, system, moving goods control and trace, container automatic identification.
4 Prevention management: personnel positioning ,tracing and inquiry, goods anti-fake and test.
5 Public management: city traffic intelligent platform, vehicle control and operation, train automatic numbering
6 Manufacture management: work flow management, control spare parts in the course of process.
7 Transportation management: road, railway management, and container transfer control tracking management.

Model No.
Working Frequency
2.4GHz-2.5M ISM Microwave band
Communication Mode
dynamical encryption
Asynchronism Communication Speed
9600Bps- 115200Bps
Signal Modulation Mode
Working Mode
Read tag, Write tag
Microwave Communication
Error Detection
CRC8 (Cyclic Redundancy Check)
Receiving Sensitivity
Identification Mode
Omni-directional, read range radius=80m

Identification Range
max. > 80m, distance adjustable
Identification Speed
        80km/h (work with 2dBi omni antenna)
        160kg/h (work with 12dBi directional antenna)
Anti- collision
Identify more than 100 cards simultaneously
Error Rate
one in ten million
Sound Indication
built-in buzzer
Development Interface
provide different types of interface function
Communication Interface
Standard: RS232, RJ45
Power Supply
Operating Temperature
160 x 120 x 35mm