Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Arria II GX-260 FPGA Development Board

The Arria II GX-260 FPGA development board provides a hardware platform that features sixteen 6.375Gbps transceivers and up to 1.25Gbps LVDS support, making them suitable for a broad array of applications in markets that include wireless, wireline, test, medical, and storage. With the Arria II GX-260 FPGA, customers can achieve the power-reduction benefits, while providing high functionality for applications with significantly higher bandwidth requirements. The device features 256,000 logic elements (LEs), 11.7Mb of embedded memory, and 612 I/Os. Furthermore, the board delivers an abundant set of on-board memory consisting of DDR2 and DDR3 memory. With protocol reference designs and an Arria II GX-260 FPGA development kit, designers can easily begin developing and prototyping their designs immediately.

Arria II GX-260 FPGA development board


  • 256,000 logic elements (LEs)
  • 102,600 adaptive logic modules (ALMs)
  • 11,756 Kb on-chip memory
  • 16 high-speed transceivers
  • 6 phase-locked loops (PLLs)
  • 736 18x18 multipliers
    • 128MB 16bit DDR3 device
    • 1GB 64bit DDR2 SO-DIMM
    • 2MB SSRAM
    • 64MB FLASH

    FPGA Configuration Circuitry

    • MAX II CPLD and flash fast passive parallel configuration
    • On-board USB-Blaster™ circuitry using the Quartus II Programmer

    On-Board Clocking Circuitry

    • Four on-board oscillators
      • 100MHz
      • Programmable oscillator, default frequency 125MHz
      • Programmable oscillator, default frequency 100MHz
      • 155.52MHz
    • SMA connectors for external LVPECL clock input
    • SMA connector for clock output

    General User I/O

    • LEDs/displays
      • Four user LEDs
      • Two-line character LCD display
      • One configuration-done LED
      • One HSMC interface transmit/receive LED
      • Three PCI Express LEDs
      • Five Ethernet LEDs


    • One user reset (CPU reset)
    • One MAX II CPLD reset
    • One load image (program FPGA from flash)
    • One image select (select image to load from flash)
    • Two general user push-buttons

    DIP switches

    • Four user DIP switches
    • Eight MAX II device control DIP switches

    Power Supply

    • 14V to 20V DC input
    • PCI Express edge connector power
    • On-board power measurement circuitry

    Arria II GX-260 FPGA Development Kit CD-ROM

    • Design examples
      • PCI Express High-Performance Reference Design
      • PCI Express-to-DDR2 SDRAM Reference Design

    Altera’s complete Design Suite DVD

    • Quartus II Software Development Kit Edition, includes support for Arria II GX FPGAs
    • Nios II Embedded Design Suite
    • MegaCore® IP Library includes PCI Express, Triple Speed Ethernet, SDI, and DDR3 High-Performance Controller IP cores
      • IP evaluation available through OpenCore Plus

Kit Contents:

  1. Aria II GX-260 Quick start Guide
  2. Aria II GX-260 FPGA Development Board
  3. Aria II GX-260 DCL
  4. Power Supply
  5. Type A-B usb cable
  6. cable 7'' std male RJ45
  7. AC power supply EN
  8. AC power supply EU
  9. HSMC Debug header breakout board
  10. Fan
  11. screw and copper pillar package