Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bioloid GP

Bioloid GP (Grand Prix) is a Top-Notch humanoid robot optimized for various robot competition. 

With hi-performance actuator AX-18A and ultra light high strength of aluminum frames, it will complete various mission given at competitions. Bioloid GP armed with versatile performance and powerfull mobility.

  • Top-Notch Humanoid armed with high performance actuator Dynamixel AX-18A
  • Ultra light and hi-strength of aluminum frames
  • Powerfull mobility including a direction switch while moving and fast walking
  • Basic humanoid battle and soccer motion are provided
  • Can adjust posture while walking with gyro sensor
  • Include a gripper set for mission completion
  • Include optional frame for waist twisting
  • Include wireless remote Controller (Zigbee embedded)
  • Include a Roboplus, an upgraded powerfull software programming tool
  • Digital Packet communication and simple daisy chain Connection