Tuesday, August 03, 2010

MMA7260 3-Axis Accelerometer Prototype Board

MMA7260 3-Axis Accelerometer Prototype Board
The first generation 3 axis acceleration sensor. 

Users could get acceleration values of X, Y, and Z axises. And it is widely used in shock, slope, and moving detection. Output sensitivity could be selected by simply setting voltage levels on a few pins. The measuring range is selectable among 1.5g,3g, and 6g. It only costs 3uA in sleep mode, and the work current is as low as
For more information of MMA7260Q from freescale, you could take reference from the documentation in the chip’s PDF file. It could be found in Freescale website and the accessory CD-ROM.
The output of MMA7260Q is analog mode, so you need an A/D converter to read the acceleration value. Simple sample codes are provided to help you to understand how to integrate it to your design.
We will release a tiny microcontroller demo board which could be connected to this acceleration board, through the 2 rows of bare connectors. Then this board could be converted into a digital interface one.