Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Magbot SunDancer

Magbot "SunDancer" BEAM Butterfly. This kit lets you build a mechanical-looking butterfly or insect that makes an ideal executive desk toy.

The Magbot SunDancer Butterfly works on almost the same circuit as the SolarSpeeder Kit, but instead of dumping the power through a motor, it dumps it through a coil. Since the Magbot is balanced on a stand above a high-intensity magnet, it rocks on its own self-induced "electromagnetic wind". The silver/gold wings then shine and reflect the embossed wing patterns all over the ceiling. It's a kit that is only slightly more complex than the SolarSpeeder kit, and comes with an oak stand, silver/gold mylar wing material (you choose the final colour and wing pattern), all components, and one of our very well documented instruction sets.