Friday, October 31, 2008

RAD HTU-2 HDSL Termination Unit

Using HDSL technology, HTU 2 extends the range of digital equipment up to 4.8 km (3.0 miles) over 24 AWG (0.5 mm), 4 wire copper cable. Using the HDSL repeater extends the range up to 8.4 km (5.2 miles) between the central office and customer premises.

  • HTU-2 eliminates the need for repeaters or optical cable in the last mile (local loop) or in the campus network environment.
  • Using advanced equalization, adaptive-filtering, echo cancellation technology and 2B1Q line coding, HTU 2 compensates for line impairments, bridge taps and mixed cabling. High immunity to background noise enables transmission of multiple HDSL lines via the same physical cable.
  • Two clock modes are available:
    • Internal - available only when the unit is configured as "CENTRAL". In this mode, the internal clock generator provides clock to the digital interface and the HDSL line.
    • External - available when the unit is configured as either "CENTRAL" or "REMOTE". In "CENTRAL" mode, the clock is recovered from the digital interface and passed to the HDSL interface. In "REMOTE" mode, the clock is recovered from the HDSL interface and passed to the digital interface.
  • Setup, control and monitoring of status and diagnostics information can be performed using one of the following:
    • Front panel LCD with three push buttons, using menu driven management
    • ASCII terminal connected to the async control port using command line interpreter
    • SNMP management station connected to the async control port, using Serial Link Interface Protocol (SLIP).
  • The priority bumping feature allows the user to select the timeslot priority (high or low) in case one of the HDSL lines is down.
  • HTU-2 is available as a standalone unit or as a rack mount card (HTU-2C) for the LRS-12 modem rack with SNMP management.
  • HTU-2 is available in AC version and can be mounted in a standard 19" rack using special hardware. One or two HTU-2 units can be mounted side-by-side.
Typical applications:
  • LAN-to-LAN connection
  • High speed data transfer HDSL
  • High speed Internet connection