Saturday, September 20, 2008

JoinMax RoboExp Challenge Kit V3.0

1) Ample parts for you to build your own robot at your pleasure;
2) Powerful functions, lots of I/O ports on main controller and various sensors, enable you to bring your imagination into full play;
3) Easy to learn and easy to use. The programming platform can perform functions of icon-base flow chart editing, C-language code editing, and sensor data logging.
Thus no matter you are a newcomer or a seasoned robotics hobbyist, you can program as you please.
4) This kit, with sufficient sensors, executive components and mechanical parts, can build up various models for teaching in class, such as line tracking robot, hexapod robot, firefighting robot and RoboCup soccer robot. It is fit for robot education in class and competition.
5) Its competence in various competitions could be strengthened by using specific accessories designed for those competitions.

Brief introduction of main controller
1) Built-in dot matrix characters LCD displaying either number format or English format;
2) Built-in speaker, sound music tone by user's program.
3) Built-in low power monitor, remind the user to replace batteries at the right time, ensure your robot work fine.
4) Sufficient interfaces of various functions including 2 motor ports, 8 analog ports and 12 digital ports; they can be designed as input or output port freely.
5) Built-in data logging program, Users would read and record the data of the sensors connected by the RCU. It gives facility for user collecting information of environment or sensors.

Part List:
JMP-RE-0500 RoboExp (robot programming software) (1 piece)

JMP-BE-5120 Super RCU (Robot Control Unit) (1 piece).

JMP-BE-3548 High-Speed Motor 3548 (4 pieces).

JMP-BE-9101 Mini Servo (1 piece).

JMP-BE-1510 LED Red (V2) (1 piece).

JMP-BE-1511 LED Green (V2) (1 piece).

JMP-BE-1410 Photosensitive Sensor (V2) (1 piece)

JMP-BE-1910 Temperature Sensor (1 piece)

JMP-BE-2211 Volume Sensor (1 piece)

JMP-BE-1710 Flame Sensor (3 pieces)

JMP-BE-1610A Touch Sensor (4 pieces)

JMP-BE-1111 Gray Scale Sensor (3 pieces)

JMP-BE-1210 IR Transmitter (3 pieces)

JMP-BE-1310 IR Receiver (3 pieces)

JMP-BE-2110 DIY Fan (V2) (1 piece)

Wheels (1 type total 12 pieces)

Mechanical parts (1 kit total 472 pieces)

JMP-BE-9200 Program download cable (1 piece)

Teaching material "Robot Building and Programming" (1 piece)

"Robot assembly guide" (1 piece)