Friday, July 11, 2008

RS Media bring technology to life

RS Media bring technology to life, playing MP3's, MPEG4's, and taking photos & videos as he interacts with his environment. He has a head-mounted camera, a colour LCD screen in his chest, a full speakers system embedded in his armor, 40 MB of internal memory, and an external memory card slot.

Control RS Media with his controller or the media controls embedded on his hands; play Java games, navigate the media menus, switch between his four personalities (RS Media, Service Bot 3000, Space Bot, and Billy-Joen Sapien) or create your own personality using the RS Media editing suite software. The RS Media is able to walk around the house, effectively "seeing" with infrared vision and moving about like an old man in a park feeding pigeons thanks to foot and gauntlet sensors. If the robot "hears" a sound, it will investigate and confront the culprit.

* It can display an image or MPEG video downloaded by the user onto the robot’s removable SD memory sticks, on the LCD display

* The ability to store body movements with the user being the puppet master, like Robosapien V2 can. However, it will allow the user to edit those movements with the robot’s accompanying BodyCon editing package

* You can record and store your voice into the robot’s SD memory sticks which can be played back by the robot

* Includes a USB port, protocol version 1.0, for interfacing with the robot

* It can play back music files that you download to it through it’s 11 watt stereo speakers; making the robot something akin to a programmable roving boom box.

* You can play Java games and navigate the media menus. The most interesting feature of the new Robosapien RS Media robot is the ability to modify and swap personalities, thanks to the removable SD memory cards.