Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Xbee Shield for Arduino

XBee Shield for Arduino is a module / shield is designed to allow you to add a variety of wireless communication such as wifi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee into the Arduino microcontroller board.
With the shield, you can directly connect to an Arduino XBee module through the socket provided on this shield. In this module has also been accompanied by a voltage converter 5 V - 3.3 V internal, making it safe for your XBee modules.
In addition to supporting the XBee, this shield also supports some wifi and bluetooth module, such as wifi bee, bee bluetooth 2.0, bluetooth 4.0 bee, and also ESP8266 wifi bee.

- Kompabilitasa; XBee Series 1 (standard and pro), the XBee Series 2 (standard and pro), ESP8266 wifi bee, bee bluetooth 2.0, bluetooth 4.0 bee
- Can be coupled directly to an Arduino Uno, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Duemilanove
- Programming can be done wirelessly
- Equipped with a jumper to move the communication between a PC to an Arduino XBee