Friday, July 12, 2013

Texas Instruments: MSP430 Based MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad Value Line Development kit

The Texas Instruments MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad is an easy-to-use flash programmer and debugging tool that provides everything you need to start developing on MSP430 Value Line devices. It includes a 14-/20-pin DIP socketed target board with integrated emulation to quickly program and debug MSP430 Value Line devices in-system through the Spy Bi-Wire (2-wire JTAG) protocol. The flash memory can be erased and programmed in seconds with no external power supply required due to the MSP430's ultra-low power flash.

The LaunchPad development kit is a part of the MSP430 Value Line series. LaunchPad has an integrated DIP target socket that supports up to 20 pins, allowing MSP430 Value Line devices to be dropped into the LaunchPad board. Also, an on-board flash emulation tool allows direct interface to a PC for easy programming, debugging, and evaluation. Included are free and downloadable software development environments for writing and debugging software. LaunchPad can be used to create interactive solutions thanks to its on-board push buttons, LEDs, and extra input/output pins for easy integration of external devices.

The LaunchPad interfaces MSP430 devices to an integrated software environment such as Code ComposerStudio Version 4 or IAR Embedded Workbench. These IDEs are free and unrestricted on MSP430 Value Line devices. The LaunchPad supports all MSP430G2xx flash parts in a 14 or 20 pin DIP package (TI package code: N).

The LauchPad also features on-board programmable LEDs and buttons for custom projects and applications! 10-pin PCB connectors are also provided for attaching additional devices to the LaunchPad.

Key Applications: Low-cost Sensor systems, Portable measurement applications