Friday, July 12, 2013

ISD25 module series

ISD25xx voice recorder module that has been equipped with a header for the microphone input and speaker output. This module is equipped with an LED indicator as a marker of the record and playback process. Maximum recording time depends on the type of voice used ISD. This module does not include the sale of ISD components.

- Power supply: 5 VDC
- Audio input (digital / analog): Analog through the mic (included) that are connected to header
- Input video (digital / analog): -
- Audio output (digital / analog): Analog through speakers (included) that is connected to the header
- Output video (digital / analog): -
- Audio Amplifier: Internal ISD
- Features: Fully compatible with the IC recorder ISD25xx, There is a header for intput microphone and speaker output, equipped with an array of DIP switches for selecting functions ISD25xx
- Dimensions: 5.85 (w) * 5.85 (l) x 1:35 (h) cm