Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bleep Drum Module Kit

Bleep Drum Module Kit is capable of producing 4 kinds of drum sounds. This module is based on the ATmega328 microcontroller that can be programmed using the Arduino IDE (Arduino Compatible). This module requires the assembly of components before use. All the necessary components are available in the sales package (except 9VDC battery).

- Power supply: 9VDC
- Based ATmega328
- Able to produce 4 kinds of drum sounds
- Have 4 pieces tractile switch to produce drum sounds.
- Have 2 pieces potentiometer to adjust the pitch control
- It has 4 memory locations for storing 4 drum rhythm sequences.
- Results creations drum sound can be recorded and repeated.
- Having the line-out jack of 3.5 mm, so that the output noise can be heard through external speakers.
- Requires assembly process.
- Supporting components have been included in the sales package (except 9VDC battery).
- This kit is open source so skematic and PCB documentation can be viewed online
- This kit can also be reprogrammed according own creations. Original program of this kit can be viewed online