Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The BotBoarduino, a mix of BotBoard II and Arduino Duemilanove for your Lynxmotion robot creation. It's perfect for controlling your small robotic projects. It has an onboard speaker, three buttons and LED's, a Sony PS2 controller port, a reset button, logic and servo power inputs, an I/O bus with 20 pins and power and ground, and a 5vdc 1.5amp regulator. Up to 18 servos can be plugged in directly. We have many plug and play peripherals as well.

  • The Botboarduino has 20 IO pins than may be used for digital in/out:
  • 6 pins can be used for analog in
  • 6 pins can be used for PWM output
  • 2 pins are reserved for UART/USB
  • Pin 13 has an LED connected to itThe Arduino IDE comes with a Servo library for controlling hobby servos on any pin. Up to 18 Servos can be plugged in directly.