Friday, July 12, 2013

ISD17240PYI chip

ISD17240PYI Voice recorder IC which can record sound for 480 seconds with a sampling frequency of 4kHz. This IC can work stand-alone (push buttons for play, stop, rec, etc.) or as a slave (requires a controller of microcontroler via SPI interface).

- Power supply: 2.4 VDC - 5.5 VDC
- Able to perform sampling sounds from 4kHz - 12kHz
- Capable of storing voice: 160 secs (12kHz) - 480 secs (4kHz)
- Have a SPI serial interface to connect to the microcontroller
- There are key inputs Rec, Play, Erase, FWD, Vol, RDY, Reset
- Settings can be via an external button or via a microcontroller (SPI)
- It has 2 lines voice input (Mic, Analog In / Auxiliary)
- Integrated with Sound Effect as an indicator
- Output PWM to analog sound through external speakers or through pin Auxiliary 8Ohm
- Packaging 28-pin DIP