Friday, July 12, 2013

ISD-DMK_9160 Evaluation Kit , Debugging and Demo Kit for ISD9160

Training kit for IC ISD9160 voice recorder. This IC chip is equipped with ARM Cortex-M0 to assist in the manufacture of complex systems, such as speech recognition. At this kit sales package included modules for ISD9160 and some I / O module support, such as touch screens and switches.

- Based ISD9160 IC (integrated with the ARM Cortex-M0).
- Can be applied for the purposes of speech recognition.
- Significant internal microcontroller can be programmed using ISP or ICP from Nuvoton.
- It has an internal ADC
- Have an interface I2C, SPI, UART
- Has Timer / Clock
- Have a PWM output
- Sales Package: 1x-DEMO9160 ISD, ISD-9160-1x Touch, 1x ISD-9160-KB (switch), 1x Speaker, 1x ISD-and Nu-Link.