Saturday, April 14, 2018

Arduino Maker Kit

The Arduino Maker Kit is a ready-to-use learning kit consisting of the DT-AVR UNO R3 microcontroller and several sensor modules and actuators. With this kit you will find it easier to learn how Arduino works, the I / O pin function,
communication with Arduino interface, send and retrieve data from I / O pins, and so on.

In this kit you will get:
- 1x DT-AVR UNO R3
- 1x I / O expansion shield
- 1x LED module
- 1x Buzzer module
- 1x IR sensor
- 1x Temperature Sensor
- 1x PIR Sensor
- 1x LDR sensor
- 1x Digital push button
- 1x Rotation sensor
- 1x Micro servo
- 1x Micro USB cable