Saturday, April 14, 2018


Robotis Dream II Level 3 is a continuation of Robotis Dream level 1 & 2. Robotis Dream II Level 3 is an educational kit that is optimized as a solution for beginners who want to do development in the field of robotics. This kit will teach users about a variety of topics, ranging from the application of science theories in everyday life such as infrared, sound, acceleration, acceleration, action and reaction, to technical theories such as 4-wheel drive and machining systems.
With this kit users can assemble 12 different types of robots, such as security robots, sound detecting robot, 4-wheeled car, money box, roly poly, da much more.

Note: Robotis Dream II Level 3 is an expansion kit, so it requires Robotis Dream II Level 1 & 2 in order to assemble 12 robot examples.