Saturday, April 14, 2018

Dynamixel MX-106T 6pcs Bulk

MX-106T is a servo motor from Robotis that has been equipped with internal PID Controller. This servo motor has a maximum torque of 10.0 N.m at 12VDC. Dynamixel MX-106T has serial communication TTL Half Duplex (3 pin connector).
In the sales package consists of 6 servo MX-106T, not including accessories (horn, cable, nut, bolt, frame).

  • Dimensions 40.2mm x 65.1mm x 46mm
  • Working voltage 12V (typical)
  • Current consumption 5.2A @ 12V
  • Maximum rotation speed 55 RPM @ 14.8V
  • Rotary type 360 ° (endless turn)
  • PID control type
  • Maximum torque is 10.0 N.m @ 14.8V