Saturday, April 14, 2018

Google AIY Voice

The Google AIY Voice Kit is a DIY sound recognition kit designed for beginners to professionals. With this kit you can create a personal assistant system that can recognize your voice by using Google Assistant service, or you can add speech recognition by language by using voice processing from Raspberry Pi.
With the Google AIY Voice Kit you can do many things using voice commands, such as asking for today's weather predictions, asking for the latest news, sharing information from the internet, controlling hardware (motor, servo, LED, etc.) via voice commands, and more .

In this kit consists of:
- Voice HAT accessory board
- Voice HAT microphone board
- Plastic standoffs
- 3 ?? speakers (wires attached)
- Arcade-style push button
- 4-wire button cable
- 5-wire daughter board cable
- External cardboard box
- Internal cardboard frame
- Lamp
- Micro-switch
- Lamp holder