Wednesday, July 10, 2013

BasicATOM Pro 28 Module

The BasicATOM Pro 28 has 4 additional I/O and 4KBytes of EEPROM. It is based on the same powerful 32 bit processor as the Basic ATOM Pro 24-M. The BasicATOM Pro 28 includes 32K of Flash memory for your programs and 2K of ram which is enough space for 2000 byte sized variables. The BasicATOM Pro is programmable in BASIC, C or ASM. 

The BasicATOM Pro's 32 bit core, running an average of 100,000 BASIC instructions per second leaves just about everything else in the dust!

  • 32K of Program Space
  • 2000 (2K) Bytes of User / System RAM
  • Up to 8 A/D pins
  • Up to 100,000 Plus BASIC Instruction Per Second
  • Code and Pin compatible to the Basic ATOM
  • Hardware based 32 bit math
  • Hardware PWM
  • Hardware UART
  • Hardware SPI and I2C
  • Based on a true 32 bit processor

Note The 100,000 average basic instructions per second was measured using every non-blocking Basic ATOM Pro command(no command that has a user definable delay) in a for-next loop run one million times. This loop was timed and then the total number of instructions(1 million*commands in for-next loop) run were divided by the time(in seconds) to calculate the average basic instructions per second.